Machine Configuration

The machine structure is designed and validated using detail FE and Thermal analysis for higher rigidity.

  • X-Radial axis
  • Y-Tangential travel
  • Z-Axial Feed
  • A-Hob head swive
  • B-Hob spindle rotation
  • C-work table rotation
  • C1-Rotary motion ring loader

Machine Construction

Machine Base & Columns

Machine base & columns are made of high grade CI construction, which passes through stringent heat treatment process & adequately ribbed thus giving higher stability and rigidity.

Hob Swivel Axis

Swivel axis with highly rigid clamping system and preloaded axial & radial roller bearing for higher stiffness.


High accurate hardened & precision ground spindle with direct drive motor. They are also available with gear box for heavy duty applications.

Work table

High Torque built in motor table for higher response and low maintenance

CNC Controllers

The machine comes with latest CNC controllers which are very much user friendly, thus making the machine easy to operate.

Quick Change Hob Clamping Mechanism

Available in 5 variants

  1. Manual hob clamping with manual HSK Holder
  2. Manual hob clamping with automatic HSK Holder
  3. Manual HSK adapter with integrated arbor for holding hollow bore hobs
  4. Automatic HSK adapter with integrated arbor for holding hollow bore hobs
  5. Collet clamping mechanism integrated to spindle

Other Features

  1. High Speed Gear Cutting: Customised options for Spindle and Work Table speed.
  2. HOB Quick Change Technology
    • Manual HSK type quick change adaptors
    • HSK power clamping adaptors
    • Collect Clamping for HOB
  3. Work holding solutions with hydraulic clamping as well as manual clamping.
  4. Automation for component loading and unloading
  5. Dry Hobbing
  6. Linear Scale feedback for Linear Axes
  7. Servo controlled tail stock
  8. Box Guide ways for X and Z axis

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